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● Our work in Madagascar

Vanilla is an exceptional product. Madagascar is the country that produces the most in the world, and on a quality that has not been matched yet.

We have heard a lot of stories about vanilla lately, concerns about quality, security ... All this is real.

Our work for 3 years is to make the work on Madagascar more reliable. We used guards to monitor our growing areas before the harvest periods, assisted with night video surveillance, and we explore the harvesting areas by drone daily ... After processing green vanilla into black vanilla, you have to send the goods to the capital ANTANANARIVO.

We rent a private plane to make a secure and fast transport. All these precautions mean that we are not under the pressure of flights and we let the pods mature as they should. But back on the transformation, here is a small video:

The pods are transported to the storage warehouse.

The pods are scalded and then parboiled.

They will stay a few days under blankets and gradually lose their moisture and brown.

Then comes the bulk of the work, sorting and drying, which you could see the first steps in the video above. We store the goods carefully packed in our store in the north of Madagascar. Our customers come regularly to buy their goods. Recently, large investments have been necessary to ensure compliance with ORGANIC ECOCERT and EQUITABLE FLOCERT standards. We are now certified on Madagascar! We let you admire the work of our employees in this video:

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